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Professional Display Fireworks (1.3G/Class B)

ATF Licensed operators can shop our selection of high-quality commercial grade products online.

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Ace Pyro  |   Crown Pyro  |   Dominator  |   Freedom  |   Lidu  |   Mantsuna  |   San Tai  |   Vulcan  |   Yung Feng  |   Show all

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Consumer Fireworks (1.4G/Class C)

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Boomer  |   Cutting Edge  |   Dominator  |   Fathead  |   Fowl Fireworks  |   Legend  |   Liberty Bell  |   Mad Ox  |   Mean Monkey  |   Pyro Demon  |   Shogun  |   Thunder Bomb  |   Warrior  |   Winda  |   Show all

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Articles Pyrotechnic

Professional effects that do not require an ATF License.

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Dominator  |   Precocious Pyrotechnics  |   Vulcan  |   Show all

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Cakes  |   Flame Projectors  |   Flash Pots  |   Gerbs  |   Girandolas  |   Lance  |   Mines  |   Shells  |   Strobe Pots  |   Waterfall  |   Wheels  |   Show all

Equipment & Supplies

Pyrotechnicians expand your "toolbox" and hobbyist find what you need to create your own custom effects.

Aluminum Powder Black Powder Chain Fuse E-Match Fusee / Flare Lance Sticky Fuse Mortars Mortar Racks Plastic Rolls Quick Match Shoot Wire

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Straight forward pricing is very important to both us and our customers. We do not have multiple price lists and then pick and choose who gets what price list. We have one price list for everyone and then provide simple and clearly defined volume discounts.
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